Big changes in the Lapeer’s store showroom

Customers at Church’s Lumber in Lapeer will notice some big changes in the store’s showroom.

Seven new kitchen model displays are now in place to help better serve the store’s customer base. “Business is increasing, so we are preparing for supply and demand,” said Church’s Lumber manager Rick Coulter.

A Michigan, family-owned business for more than 125 years, Church’s Lumber has been in Lapeer since the 1960s. Coulter joined the business 26 years ago, and, like many in the home building and home improvement business, has seen big changes in the last decade. Luckily, the changes today all point to growth in the industry, which led Church’s to update their displays. “Housing sales have increased in the past year and new housing has really picked up,” said Coulter. “New construction is coming back very strong.”

Coulter said remodels also continue to be very popular. “People continue to be interested in raising the value of their current home,” he added.

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