L.J. Smith


L.J. Smith’s heritage of American craftsmanship began in 1885, when a gentleman by the name of L.J. Smith began making staircases and the stair parts for each in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  In 1911, he moved his family to Conotton, Ohio, to continue the stairway business as “L.J. Smith and Son.” L.J. Smith and his son, along with seven other craftsmen, were very busy keeping up with the demand for their meticulously crafted circular stairways that were going into large homes throughout the south.

Today, L.J. Smith is the largest stair parts manufacturing company in the country. Our continued growth over the past several decades is clearly a result of our leadership role in developing and taking to market new and innovative products & techniques. We have patents or patents pending on nearly two dozen products and processes.

Styles to suit every home

  • Defined by their unique design and superior appearance
  • Substantial labor savings
  • Unsurpassed strength and durability
  • Inventory cost reduction and flexibility