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Our experienced sales personnel will give you an estimate of materials based on your blueprint.  We will do the best job we can based on the print and your instructions, but cannot be responsible for insuring that the materials list will be perfect, due to jobsite changes or misuse.


We offer in-house credit for the purchase of materials to licensed builders who have a credit history with suppliers and subcontractors.  Credit generally extended on a job to job basis for a period of 30 days from purchase.


We offer delivery of materials to contractors.  For lumber and building materials, this can be done by either a flatbed dump truck or placed on your site with our mobile hilo which is carried on the back of our delivery truck.


IF you know what you want or have a list of materials, we will be glad to give you a price for them.  We can also make suggestions if you would like.


Our outside sales team will be glad to come to your site.  We can do measurements for things like doors, windows, trim lumber measurements and roof trusses.


All accounts will be assigned to one of our experienced staff. This gives you a consistent person to work with every time.  The salesperson will work with you doing takeoffs, scheduling deliveries, visiting your sites, and helping with other various needs.

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